Shooting Techniques in CS2

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  • Tapping: Tapping involves firing single shots at an enemy’s head. It’s suitable for long and mid-range combat, offering precision, low ammo consumption, mobility, and reduced need for reloads.
  • Bursting: Bursting consists of firing a few bullets at a time, typically in short bursts of four to five rounds. This technique strikes a balance between precision and recoil control, making it ideal for mid-range encounters.
  • Spraying: Spraying is the continuous firing of bullets by holding down the left mouse button. It’s crucial for close-quarters combat and dealing with multiple opponents. Learning and controlling the spray patterns of different weapons is essential for managing recoil and maintaining accuracy.
  • Spray Patterns: Every CS2 weapon has a unique spray pattern. To control recoil, players must move their mouse in the opposite direction of the spray pattern. Mastery of these patterns is essential for maintaining accuracy during prolonged firefights.
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