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CS2 Guide to get better

  1. Always buy armor in Competitive Mode to reduce damage taken from most weapons.
  2. Practice Shooting: To improve aiming and shooting skills, players are encouraged to use community-created maps dedicated to aiming and play the Deathmatch mode for fast shooting practice.
  3. Don’t move while shooting: Stay still while shooting for better accuracy.
  4. Movement Skills: Engage in BHOP and Surfing servers to enhance movement abilities.
  5. Manage Reloads: Be strategic with reloading to avoid vulnerability.
  6. Sound Matters: Sound is crucial in CS2, so invest in a good headset and adjust audio settings for better sound identification.
  7. Teamwork and Communication: Collaborate with your team, Share information about enemy positions and coordinate strategies, and support each other.
  8. Map Knowledge: Learn the unique characteristics of each map in CS2 (Map callouts)
  9. Map Control: Understand how players rotate after eliminating opponents to gain map control.
  10. Optimize Game Settings: Adjust mouse sensitivity, crosshair settings, resolution and refresh rate for comfort and precision. (Don’t change it too often, let your muscles adapt)
  11. Use Grenades: Strategically utilize various grenades (smokes, flashes, molotovs, HE) for control and damage.
  12. Economy Management: Make buying decisions based on your team’s economy and the game situation.
  13. Learn from Professionals: Watch pro matches and utilize resources for settings, ranks, spray patterns, and aim training.
  14. Crosshair Placement: Maintain proper crosshair placement at head level for accuracy.
  15. Use Audio for Information: Sound cues in CS2 are valuable sources of information. In clutch situations, muting teammates’ voices can help you focus on the game. Listening carefully can provide critical information about enemy movements
  16. Focus on Mastering One Map at a Time: Instead of spreading efforts across multiple maps, it’s more effective to concentrate on mastering one map at a time. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of positions, angles, and utility usage.
  17. Don’t Prioritize Individual Score: CS2 emphasizes team play. Sacrificing yourself for the team, gathering information, and strategic play are often more important than chasing a high personal score.
  18. Check All Angles and Corners: Vigilance is essential; always check every angle and corner to avoid surprise attacks from hidden enemies.
  19. Make Every Life Count, Trade Kills: Even when eliminated, sharing information about your death can benefit the team. Your teammates can capitalize on this information and potentially eliminate the enemy who killed you.
  20. Avoid Early Rotations, Anchor the Site: As a Counter-Terrorist, avoid rotating too early when defending a bombsite alone. Ensure that the opponents are genuinely committing to the other site before leaving your position. Be cautious of over-rotations due to enemy tactics.
  21. Turn your view away from a Flashbang Grenade to reduce its blinding effects.
  22. Don’t forget to buy a defuse kit in Competitive Mode, as it significantly reduces defuse time.
  23. Avoid harming hostages in hostage rescue missions to avoid cash penalties.
  24. Use the radar to keep track of teammates, enemies, and the bomb’s location, regularly check the radar to gain an advantage in understanding the game’s flow.
  25. Analyze why you died after each death to learn and improve.
  26. Pay attention to enemy player spots from previous rounds as many players use the same spots.
  27. Change tactics and positioning each round to keep opponents guessing.
  28. Pay attention to timings, and try to execute strategies in the last 20 seconds to maximize advantages. (only for more experienced players)
  29. Don’t rush to kill an enemy if they haven’t seen you; maintain patience for more advantageous kills.
  30. Stay silent in clutch situations to focus. (Dont yell to microphone)
  31. Be Patient on CT Side: When playing as a Counter-Terrorist (CT), focus on holding bomb sites and avoid pushing too aggressively. Impatient CTs can be easily picked off by smart Terrorist teams.
  32. Avoid making fake calls like “A” or “B” when you spot only a few enemies; provide accurate information.
  33. After bomb plant: Use utility, such as smokes and molotovs, to delay and disrupt CT retake attempts.
  34. Cover the bomb planter and tell your teammates the bomb’s location.
  35. Avoid overpeeking or taking unnecessary risks when you have a numerical advantage.
  36. Practice retake situations on retake servers in custom games.
  37. If tired or dont enjoy the game, dont play and take a break from playing. (Trust me if you dont enjoy playing and play it only to kill boredom you will most likely lose)
  38. Don’t criticize or flame your teammates; it’s better to play in a positive atmosphere, if they flame you just mute them. (Trust me you have much better chance in winning if you don’t flame even if you losing hard from start)
Shooting Techniques in CS2

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