Extra Economy in CS2

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Earning extra money in CS2

These can make the winner/loser differences.

  • C4 Outcomes: If a round ends with the C4 bomb explosion or successful defusal, each player on the winning team receives $3500. An additional $300 is granted for planting or defusing the C4. (Try to plant bomb everytime even after you already won round. All your teammates will gain extra money)
  • Elimination Rewards: Eliminating an enemy can earn you varying amounts of money, depending on the weapon used. This can range from $0 to $1500.
  • Planting Reward: T-side receives an extra $800 for planting the C4, even if they ultimately lose the round.

Weapon/Kill Reward
Knife – $1500′
Pistol – $300
CZ75 – $100
Submachine Gun – $600
P90 – $300
Shotgun – $900
Rifle & Machine Gun – $300
AWP – $100
Grenade – $300

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