CS2 Don’ts & Dos

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  • Don’t aim at the floor/legs; aim at head level.
  • Don’t immediately peek a planted bomb when you hear a defuse sound; wait about 3 seconds before peeking.
  • Don’t hold Shift unnecessarily, especially in one-entry areas.
  • Don’t reload in a dangerous spot when you have enough bullets; find safety first.
  • Don’t peek while reloading.
  • Don’t buy a helmet if the enemy team mainly uses AWP or AK rifles.
  • Don’t eco rounds with sufficient money and knowledge of the enemy’s weak economy.
  • Don’t eco after losing the pistol round unless you get a bomb plant.
  • Don’t block teammates, especially AWPers, while they’re peeking.
  • Don’t rush in or peek with the bomb; drop it in a safe corner.
  • Don’t peek with the W/forward key; use strafing.
  • Don’t run with grenades, smoke, flash, or knife in hand.
  • Don’t criticize or flame your teammates; it’s better to play in a positive atmosphere.


  • Prefire common spots/corners at head level.
  • Fake plant to bait enemies into exposing themselves.
  • Use shift-walk when fake defusing to create a better angle.
  • Use counter-flashes when getting pushed as a CT to delay attackers.
  • Utilize molotovs to clear common spots.
  • Use incendiary grenades to buy time for your team to rotate.
  • Plant the bomb optimally to gain an advantage in clutch situations.
  • Flash in for your teammates when needed.
  • Learn T-side smokes for maps.
  • Accept when a teammate is better with the AWP.
  • Learn recoil patterns of common weapons.
Extra Economy in CS2

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